I'm thinking of scrubbing most of the content from my website and starting a gopher site. My aesthetic is close enough to plain text that I might as well stick to actual plain text.

@starbreaker funny you say that, I'm currently hacking away with pygopherd and looking for a web front end to move over to...

@starbreaker incidentally after spending an hour trying to figure it all out, it transpires that Pygopherd has a built in web server

@mmn At least it only took an hour. I was planning to use Gophernicus myself, since it's packaged for OpenBSD.

@starbreaker let me know how it goes, just had a quick look at it. I've found pygopherd was straight forward to install with apt-get for I am lazy.

@starbreaker Are there even any modern gopher clients around?

@starbreaker “I can run them without doing so in a Windows XP VM”

And yes, I know I’m a pleb for not running Linux on the desktop.

@apocynum Lynx runs fine in Windows 10, and can handle Gopher. There's also DiggieDog for Android, and I suspect there's something similar for iOS.

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