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is one of this month's freebies and it sucks. It's mainly multi-player, and the solo campaign/extended tutorial is yet another story about a green soldier who proves himself by gunning down people who mostly don't want to be there any more than he does.

Welp, time to charge this laptop and move over to the #OpenBSD one.

@starbreaker I agree, and you can still make a really basic but importantly good looking text website add some css and actually get this to be responsive to mobile users too.

Anybody watching on Netflix? Here's a theme song for Claudia if she doesn't get her head out of her ass.

@starbreaker fair enough, haha. I'll try to find it and send you the link to the repo.

Otherwise, I can upload and link you to my _second_ failed SSG, made with POSIX sh (which I'm sure I have, unlike the first one)


@starbreaker I tried to make a SSG with cmark-gfm, make and m4, but failed horribly. Do you think it'll be hard to extend your project (thanks for sharing, btw!) with cmark-gfm?

@crispr have you heard of ? I like it way more than jekyll

amwriting, scifi, dialogue, melodrama 

amwriting, scifi, dialogue, melodrama 

@starbreaker haha that's definetly clever! thanks for all the info, I will spend my next free weekend looking after all that, thanks!

@starbreaker yeah I agree ruby is not the best option for a static site generator (works pretty good as a supercollider wrapper though, is a blast). There are some other generators in python that are too messy for something that should be easy and convenient. Bash scripting on the other hand falls so natural to me (partly because I'm a terrible coder and an overly lazy person).
Never tried OpenBSD but your aproach sounds pretty interesting, so maybe that will be my summer project 😅

The Online Etymological Dictionary is a Gem of the Internet.

It's one of those quirky, one-person-effort projects that hugely increases the value and quality of the modern Web for me. And can for you as well.

As the Season of Begging Websites is upon us, I strongly encourage anyone who can help commit to its upkeep to do so.

The site itself is:





@starbreaker thanks! I'll check it out. That said, I used jekyll in the past without the best results ... so I sticked to this pretty cool yet overly simplistic bash site generator I found on git (too bad I lose the git url and the readme file doesn't have any information on it's original autor so ...)

I finally got around to buying an album I had discovered on Spotify while writing /Silent Clarion/ back in 2014.

Lots of badass tracks here, particularly "No More", "In Control", "Lost Inside", and "Broken".

@starbreaker hello there! yeah actually it's, sorry for that, I came online again just to fix that haha, besides I just reserved the adress, didn't upload anything yet. Ohh and by the way, Alice Cooper rocks my friend!

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