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Did you know that I inspired by ? Think androids, catgirls, and demons from outer space.

I have a called "Thirteen Cuts" that you can read for free:

I also have a couple of novels available on Amazon:



I'm currently working on a new novel that reboots my Starbreaker saga. It's called NEVER THE HEROES.

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FINDING BABA YAGA by . Subsequent posts will be unlisted and CWed as necessary.

The garden beds I helped my partner Catherine build are bearing fruit.

Our first small harvest. Spaghetti squash, yellow squash, zucchini, and a Roma tomato.

@starbreaker DNS blocking is just as detectable as plugin-based blocking fwiw, it's just not as popular yet so the anti-adblock scripts don't do it (yet).

DNS blocking also has the disadvantage of being much less fine-grained, if a website serves both ads and required non-ad content from the same domain, DNS blocking either breaks the site or doesn't block the ads

: It's possible to detect plugins using . Instead, you should use a to block ads by redirecting ad server DNS queries.

You can download a hosts file from <>.

Windows users should refer to <>, too.

Mobile users are going to need a VPN and an adblocking DNS server like AdGuard's. <> or PiHole <>.

deal in projection. When they resort to arguments, it's because /they/ hate America. They hate what America is slowly becoming despite their efforts. The correct response to "love it or leave it" or "go back to where you came from" is "you first, asshole."

I have an HP omnibook 300.

Little laptop, 10+ hours of use on rechargable AAs (like, probably closer to twenty hours. I haven't stressed it yet.) Sunlight readable screen, good keyboard, DOS and windows 3 in ROM, CF storage.

I installed bywatter basic and I've been writing podcasts and crappy utilities on it, and it's wonderful.

There's a neat quirk to the neighborhood: the government subsidizes flood insurance on each house, and pays for it with a tax on ALL the houses. Because empty houses still get flood insurance, if the owner of an empty house chooses to demolish it to reduce the tax burden, the government will pay them - including free water - to establish a produce garden on the lot and sell the produce at farmers' markets. So my neighborhood is sprinkled with cute little full-lot gardens!

depicting warrior women often find themselves obliged to deal with ignorant who think that women can't fight.

When that happens to you, throw this link in their faces. Maybe they'll learn something.

(And like 60% because I'm doing nearly everything in Emacs so why use another programming language if that one works soooo well with my text editor like "a text buffer" is a datatype, kinda, that's great.

I haven't mentioned it for a bit but i'm still working on my weird fantasy canon that's also not an interactive fiction or a MUD is gone.

But I have the torrent. DM me if you'd like a magnet link. Can't stop the signal, Mal.

For more info about the social event tonite, pls go to

Presented by USENIX ( and the SDF Public Access UNIX System (


OpenBSD, wifi, athn, AR5418 

Nice! The combined total of smaller donations from the #OpenBSD community reached Platinum! The first Platinum this year. I think the support from individuals is almost unrivalled anywhere else, and that's just awesome to see. :flan_aww:

My novel BOOKS & BONE is currently 50% off on Smashwords for the whole of July, so you can get it for <$2!

It would be really cool if you had a look. ^_^

A crypt librarian, an excitable historian, and a bumbling zombie get into all sorts of trouble in a small town of necromancers.

(more buy links here:

#fantasy #books

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