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Did you know that I inspired by ? Think androids, catgirls, and demons from outer space.

I have a called "Thirteen Cuts" that you can read for free:

I also have a couple of novels available on Amazon:



I'm currently working on a new novel that reboots my Starbreaker saga. It's called NEVER THE HEROES.

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FINDING BABA YAGA by . Subsequent posts will be unlisted and CWed as necessary.

Mandatory Positivity + Law of Attraction = Victim Blaming

I hate positive thinking bullshit and the way it blames us all for our problems.

MetaArray IV will be implemented in TWO systems: MAIVa as NetBSD and MAIVb as Debian. Since 45% in the poll prefered we have decided to offer two independent MetaArrays which will be equally maintained. You can choose to use either, or both .. effectively doubling your storage capacity. The disks have been donated and are ready to install. Standby for a cut over event announcement from MetaArrray III. And BTW SDF.

Developer/Sysadmin For Hire 

Because mastodon seems to like it when people post pictures of their feline friends. I give you Spike, one of our purr muffins.

webshit, apache, .htaccess 

If you want to cancel somebody, chuck a milkshake at them.


millennials enjoy houseplants bc it's nice to put hard work and care into something and get something out of it for a change

@starbreaker @alexbuzzbee

@codesections @alexbuzzbee

> an application's functionality can be abstracted into a library with a public API for use by both a CLI tool and a GUI application (but this results in additional complexity and can be harder to debug).

At least where millisecond-level performance isn't critical, that actually gets at one of my favorite things about #cli apps. The cli interface is, itself, a basic api that any other app can use via a script.

@starbreaker @codesections I think the "Unix model" can be applied more aggressively than that. If you break the application into little bits, each running in their own process, you can swap more than just the UI.

For example, a Web browser would be broken into different pieces for connection management, request encoding/response decoding, compression, caching, authentication, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, UI, etc. and you could swap any of them out to add/remove features as desired.

@starbreaker No, that's perfectly true. What @codesections was referring to is, I believe, the tension between different accessibility needs, such as people with hearing vs. sight disabilities.

@starbreaker @emsenn gotta say i agree. as long as a command prompt doesnt scare you, openbsd is almost as easier to install as ubuntu

Inspired by <>, the next version of my site has every page's canonical URL and other URL metadata properties set to <> in the hope that defective commercial social media platforms will redirect to this little manifesto instead of the actual manifest.

This requires us to talk about a different kind of privacy, one that we haven’t needed to give a name to before. For the purposes of this essay, I’ll call it ‘ambient privacy’—the understanding that there is value in having our everyday interactions with one another remain outside the reach of monitoring, and that the small details of our daily lives should pass by unremembered. What we do at home, work, church, school, or in our leisure time does not belong in a permanent record. Not every conversation needs to be a deposition.

I bound a compose key so I might type em-dashes and yet I never thought—until now—to use it for an interrobang‽

@starbreaker Okay, now I understand. I should have dug deeper in the support literature; thank you for taking the time. I appreciate it.

If people were better about citing sources, web discoverability would be a way lower priority.

(This is it, I promise, no more commentary on the state of the Internet for at least five minutes.)

Whenever I mention that I want people to download things from my website because I don't like the implicit social contract we have of "if you have a website with useful material, you must maintain permalinks." That's a WAY bigger burden than making a thing available at an address for a while. But we see straight past it because it's all "easy enough," without seeing how those little extra costs add up, and scope what we're doing.

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