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I'm a who codes for a living and writes .

When my heroes aren't fighting demons from outer space or coping with existential terror in the soft lack underbelly of a false utopia, they're putting dirty politicians and exploitative corporate execs up against the wall and reading them the riot act at swordpoint as knights in Satanic service.

There's more at

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"Another fine day in the military-industrial complex!"

--Marcus, /Borderlands 3/

Anybody miss me? I had tried to replace the wifi device in my ThinkPad T60, but my cat had jumped into and out the open case and gouged a chunk out of the mainboard with the claws on his hind feet (cat claws only retract on forepaws, not hind paws).

Fortunately I had prepped a full backup before opening up the machine. So I got my hands on another refurbished T430s (since I had given my other one to my wife) and installed .

was OK, but it's nice to be back on a .

@starbreaker hi! i focus on sorta semi-realistic character art and although I haven't done much logo design I come from a design point of origin so I do have some experience there.
Here's my website and a couple of logo designs i did for my own projects

Programming: sure it pays great, but it's so shitty I'd rather place orders for endodontics supplies than code professionally ever again

Concerning the logo: I'm looking for something 80s-inspired, like the bold, angular logos used by IRON MAIDEN and JUDAS PRIEST. It needs to include not only the name of the project (Starbreaker) but the names of the names of the co-authors (myself and Catherine Gatt) in smaller type. I'm not looking for a black metal band logo. :)

I'm looking for artists for the following:

* A transparent-background SVG heavy metal logo for my Starbreaker science fantasy project

* An artwork incorporating the logo mentioned above depicting protagonists from the Starbreaker saga. It doesn't have to be photorealistic, but it does need to be high-res for use in book covers, posters, etc.

If interested, please reply with links to portfolios and rates.

@Curator, I'd appreciate a boost.

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Try the BiTZ0NE BBS - its brand new and fun!

signal boost pls.

Inaugural meeting of the newly formed DC502 defcon group will be in the lobby just inside the smoking area at 3PM on Saturday.

There will be a limited number of badges available.

One of the shitty things about being a householder is that people will walk up to your door, ignore the prominent "NO SOLICITING ON PAIN OF DEATH" sign, and try to con you into switching your gas/power supplier to their company.

the reason to not fly has nothing to do with carbon, but with not being groped by TSA

Can we all start treating AdTech like the parasite it is and eradicate it please?

First thing we do, let's kill all the advertisers.

"What does your handle mean?"

W10x12 is a size of wide flange beam (see avatar). UNO is an abbreviation for "unless noted otherwise".

In a structural framing layout for a building, sometimes a large portion of the beams are all the same size and it's simpler to not call out the sizes on "typical" beams. So you see page notes like "Beams are W10x12 UNO".

I'm a nerd for structural steel and I intend to spread the joy of steel detailing to the best of my ability.

nuclear take 

memo for US law-enforcement officers 

Noticed that a dragonfly got caught in my car as I was pulling out of the parking lot. Opened the window to set it free; wish I had taken a picture of it in retrospect.

Must have known I'm a #BSD user. 🙃

Also a reminder that I need to play with #dfly some more.

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