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Did you know that I inspired by ? Think androids, catgirls, and demons from outer space.

I have a called "Thirteen Cuts" that you can read for free:

I also have a couple of novels available on Amazon:



I'm currently working on a new novel that reboots my Starbreaker saga. It's called NEVER THE HEROES.

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FINDING BABA YAGA by . Subsequent posts will be unlisted and CWed as necessary.

Guess which fire alarm company is going to become famous on the fail blogs:

@starbreaker yeah... but that really sucks

I use that software constantly, plus I really really hate Windows.

Right now I use a Mac and I'm happy with it, but unless the next laptops + OS are decent, I'll have to seriously consider switching.

Reasons to use HTML correctly: Document renders comprehensibly even if CSS/JS broken.

@cwebber Humans tend to have a single brain, wouldn't it be better to just avoid parallelization and try to finish stuff more efficiently? One thing at a time to avoid missing the cache :thunking:

"You! You there!" he shouted to a boy on the street. "What day is this?"

The boy gave Scrooge a puzzled look. "It's 4/20, sir. 4/20 morning."

"Good! I haven't missed it. Here, lad." Scrooge rummaged in his dresser drawer and pulled out a bag of money. He tossed a handful of coins to the boy and said, "There's a big, dank bud in the dispensary window at the end of the street. Buy it and deliver it to Bob Crachit's house."

@starbreaker Even when my configuration was working, I didn't use that many packages so never ran into that as a problem, but as soon as I do, I will be VERY ANGRY.

I don't mind too much if it's packages like "i made this and uploaded it in case someone needs it" but when it's like, a proper release with readme and all that... have the features you should have.

Just found this awesome GB ROM maker that is super simple to use. Games made on it can be played in a browser, emulator, or probably a flash cart.

Even though it is limited as far as what kind of game you can make with it, the program is open source and can be improved upon by the community.

Here is a game that the author (Chris Maltby) made with the tools that are included with the software.

#opensource #gameboy #gamedev #gbstudio

Okay, I'm gonna do the thing.

Fav this, and I'll subtoot you with something nice.

good morning, the reason you're infatuated with Japanese Neighborhood Aesthetic so much is because every picture you've ever seen has no on-street parking

When, after hours of work, you finally find the solution to a bug the rest of the team is counting on you to fix because none of them can figure it out.

@starbreaker Sorry I didn't actually address your comment.

TBH I think more emacs users should do this because I've noticed a lot of forum posts and such people really struggle to configure something through their init file, when like just... customize-variable it? those forms are great, and educational.

I use them for everything before adding it to my init, just because reading the doc for a variable before touching it... like, never hurts, y'know?

@starbreaker Mine broke somehow about a month back - somehow a magit dependency was missing and it got fucked up trying to install it - so I've been using =emacs -q= <_<

But my actual configuration lives inside an org-mode file that tangles out to an init.el and some subdirectories - same for my org-mode stuff.

I'll share hopefully by the end of the day!

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