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Sweet, looks like my old 80s gaming group are waxing nostalgic for Car Wars. We're already making plans to meet once quarantine/isolation measures are over.

I'm sure I'll come to my senses soon, but I'm thinking of selling my video game collection to fund the purchase of a wide-format colour printer.

Awwww, our branch manager emailed me... apparently the guys at work have been quoting me frequently.

Hindsight is 20/20. I really wish I'd bought that fancy bike trainer last year while we had the money.

I could be Everesting while I work.

This period of isolation and social distancing has made a particular family member, already prone to far right-wing sentiment, all that more vocal and anti-anything not far-right.

He picked me this time, and unfortunately for him, he brought a knife to a nuclear exchange.

I've been isolated for the past week, too. I'm not in the mood for his bullshit.

So far, my favourite author of the outbreak has been Hilaire Belloc.

Sigh, first we lost Genesis P-Orridge, now Gabi Delgado of DAF...

I’m still around, but I gotta tell ya, the novelty of working from home in my underwear wore off by the second day.

It’s cold in my basement lab/makeshift office

I just lost a glorious hour to a book of Russian folk tales I found on Project Gutenberg. If you're stuck at home/self-isolating, why not give a look?

Haven't been around much these past two days, am engrossed in my PC Engine game library.

My doctor called to go over the results of my annual physical. My bloodwork was abysmal, and he told me in no uncertain terms that, given my family history, I'm not going to survive my fifties unless I make wholesale lifestyle changes.

Suppose I'll have to start riding my bikes more often, instead of just building or tinkering with them...

That's the end of my workday. The commute ALL THE WAY UP THOSE STAIRS, from my ersatz office to our living room, was killer.

No one remembers Meals On Wheels

1) exists
2) does exactly what people propose a non-profit community-based food delivery service should
3) was gutted by the current administration because a lot of their funding was federal
4) is exactly what we need right now
5) does not need reinventing from first principles

Perhaps I can use some of my time getting reacquainted with an old friend...

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