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Well, I have a chest cold! Looks like I'll be working from home for the next couple of weeks...

Wait, hey #GenX kids. No. Our chance to shine is not to just to show how good we are at social distancing.

It's also to remember how alone we felt sometimes, and to be there in channels to be supportive when other folks start to feel that void gnawing.

I thought I was imagining things, but my wife confirmed it: our tap water has had a stronger chlorine odour these past few days...

Today I learned that many/most color laser printers layer an array of yellow microdots on top of documents πŸ”¬

This Machine Identification Code encodes a print date and a serial number unique to the machine. It only became public knowledge in 2004, ~20 year after deployment πŸ˜‘

The Technical University of Dresden released a tool 2 years ago to layer on _even more dots_ to render the MIC unreadable and aid whistleblowers publishing ✊

When a student needed a permission slip to read 'Fahrenheit 451,' his dad had the perfect response

It's a real crime that neither the Skatenigs or Shootyz Groove were as big as they deserved...

I laid out the play area for a sample GURPS scenario using my Car Wars City Blocks sets. Rather than use my Car Wars counters, I think I'll upscale the City Blocks into 1" hexpaper so we can use Cardboard Heroes minis instead.

Hey, if social distancing means you're relying on your own cooking for the first time, I can't recommend this book enough:

It contains a few recipes, but it's really about developing the skills necessary to feed yourself well on the regular, and it's something of a joy to read.

it's wild how a global pandemic where people are ill and unable to provide their LABOR to the economy makes capital panic and shit its pants. it's almost as if all VALUE that ACTUALLY EXISTS is derived from LABOR, perhaps there's a THEORY ABOUT THIS...

@sparcipx The risk being this is the kind of thing that can show systemic weaknesses, and might unite people around certain policies.

Sometimes I wonder if this is just a clever plot to keep us divided and housebound...

While we're all focused on the Corona crisis the US government is quietly pushing an internet #surveillance bill that is aimed at abolishing message encryption:

We should probably pay attention to this and spread awareness even if we are not American:

While I'm GURPSing about, I think it's an appropriate time, given some people's circumstances, to revisit an older edition sourcebook...

Gutted. I just learned Genesis P-Orridge died yesterday.

Just saw this on the Birdsite:

"Yo, if anyone is having trouble getting toilet paper, there are used copies of Atlas Shrugged available on Amazon for as little as 2 bucks plus Shipping."

Trump: "1,700 Google engineers are working on a Corona virus site."

Google: "Uuuhm, actually: no!"

Trump: "It’s going to be very quickly done, unlike websites of the past!"

Google; "Seriously, we're not..."

Trump: "They have made tremendous progress!"

Google: "WTF, NO!"

Locally, that is. Our city is nuts at the best of times, but there's nuttier out there...

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