My daughter's 7th birthday is today. Her birthday cake was just delivered, but I'm under strict instructions to hide it and not open it.

I did, however, sneak a quick picture. Our birthday girl is going to be a happy little unicorn today!

I printed a new bookcover for my Powerbook 1400, but the colours are off (the red ink might be running low). Will have to reprint later.

Yesterday, I learned of a Star Blazers tactical tabletop game that was released in the 80s, and used plastic models as game pieces.

Took over 7 hours, but my old Acer desktop PC, one I liberated from the junkpile at work over a decade ago, has been upgraded from Debian Jessie to Debian Buster (via Stretch).

It’s 28 degrees C out. Therefore I’m working from the patio.

I've been playing around with an old star system generator for GURPS on my Powerbook 1400 for the last day or so. While I didn't initially have a desire to play a GURPS Space campaign, I suddenly find myself constructing a space opera in my head...

The edge of civilization. Next year it will be yet another cookie-cutter subdivision.

The outskirts of town, the western endpoint of the Harte Trail. Across the highway is the eastern endpoint of the Headingly Grand Trunk Trail, where I’ll be next week.

Thanks to the SetDate control panel, I can get around the Y2K20 Date & Time limitation, and again use Claris Organizer 2 to its full potential on my classic Macs.

More pics of my TRS-80 Model 4p (aka β€œSigrid”) in action. Its mighty Seventy Meg Disk System stresses the structural integrity of my desk.

Finally getting my writing, etc off my TRS-80’s hard drive, to be copied to its new SD-card based hard drive.

The last time I LZH’ed a 360k virtual disk file on my TRS-80, it took nearly 45 minutes.

It’s probably not worth the effort, but I’m stubborn like that.

I found my missing Mazinger-Z manga whilst going through boxes in my lab!

It's a bit hard to fathom how Mike Haggar (he of Final Fight, Street Fighter, and Saturday Night Slam Masters fame) is rapidly approaching 80 years of age...

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