Thanks to the SetDate control panel, I can get around the Y2K20 Date & Time limitation, and again use Claris Organizer 2 to its full potential on my classic Macs.

@sparcipx You are clearly living in a better version of 2020 than the rest of us. πŸ˜…

@sparcipx @tsturm claris was great! I used it on windows but yeah... Lovely little application.

@sparcipx @tsturm I also remember that lotus organizer copied a heck of a lot from it.

@iMartyn @tsturm From what I remember, I think Palm used it as the basis for Palm Desktop on Mac, but don't quote me on that.

@sparcipx I know I'm coming in late to this adventure.. Haven't fired up any pre OSX machine for a while, except a system 6 Classic... Is the limitation in Claris or MacOS?

@tbn97 From what I've read, the problem lies with the Date and Time control panel, which won't let you manually enter dates past 12/31/2019. The Mac OS (or was it the ROMs?) will handle dates up to 2040, thus the need for replacements like SetDate.

If one uses a network time server, the point is moot.

@sparcipx Thanks! I feel a cupboard unloading and swearing at video adapters coming on... 😜

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