As I will be travelling with limited connectivity over the next week, I am trying to accelerate the set up of my omnibook and my new async comms box.

As a result, I am looking for suggestions for useful DOS and windows 3.1 applications that I may have missed.

I'm starting from very near square one in building this library, and I'll have a lot of downtime to evaluate software while I'm on the road.

Any and all suggestions appreciated.


@ajroach42 All my DOS disks have a copy of RAT, NO, and SWEEP.

RAT = Resident ASCII Table, a TSR with all the ASCII codes

NO =, which allows you to excluse certain files or file masks from execution of another command ( for example: no *.zip del *.* would delete everything files)

SWEEP = execute a command in every subdirectory on the drive partition (for example: sweep del *.diz to get rid of all the .diz files on that partition)

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