Spoke with a colleague recently, who told he had not gotten a raise in 4 years.

He is one of the most productive person I know. The situation he is in is simply disgusting (no raise for 4 years and he is a single dad).

He told me he did not want to make a "fuss" and that he was happy to have a job. My response was something close to: "F* THIS SH* YOU NEED THE MONEY!".

I told him the goal of our company is to make him work as long as possible, for as little money as possible.

@ParadeGrotesque YES! I wish more people would realize this. Years ago, when I'd finally had enough, I handed in my resignation and ended up getting a raise and a promotion instead.

Strangely, this is something that I learned at a very young age (when I was about 15).

My father's cousin was a financial director at a megacorp. Guy was the hardest working pro I have ever seen. Even took files wih him during summer vacation.

He ended being fired overnight after working his butt off for 15+ years at that company.

Made me realize working hard is no guarantee of respect. In any company.

@ParadeGrotesque When I first handed in my resignation, my boss was pissed at the fact he'd have to give up his vacation to train somebody new, rather than replacing a loyal, long term employee.

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