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Sparc IPX

I don’t have a “man-cave”. I don’t feel a need to hide from my wife, daughter, or the world-at-large.

The chip on my shoulder fell off a number of years ago. I've been slowly retracing my steps trying to find it...

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"Can you pick up a can of 5-Bean Medley as well?" - I'll take Words I Never Thought I'd Say for $100, Alex...

One World, One Sky
We live, We Die

I’d planned to accomplish something this evening, so I took the family out for pizza.

Hey, you! Yeah, you! You rock!

Time to head off to work for another fun filled day of whatever the Hell it is that I do...

It's not often I insult a coworker, but I told one today to "be thankful you have no natural predators".

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For some reason, smart people don't want to go into the military or work for the US government. So of course the government is considering *forcing* smart people to work for them.

While a draft might finally make Americans take notice of all the evil "their" government is doing in the world, I don't plan to stick around for such a thing. And the very same skills that make the government want to draft you despite your age or gender also make you an attractive immigrant.

I confused one of my colleagues by using the word "syntax". When I clarified with "command line options/switches" he nodded in comprehension.

Yeah, I'm old.

Great. Our cat peed on my Solaris stuff. I'm going to rename her "Oracle".

Think I'll go dig through my computer books...

Damn it, phlogosphere! Now you have me wanting to try troff...

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Hey #gopher people: I am thinking about a little image dump dir on my gopher site, and came up with ascii previews of the images so you know roughly what you would download. What do you think?


Rambling headache-influenced post about an old Japanese video game:


Slow evening at the IPX house. Playing Sorcerian until bedtime. On the Sega Genesis, because my PC Engine is downstairs and my MSX2 is still broken.

Oh loverly, I've forgotten my lunch yet again. Guess it's off to Tim Hortons for a grilled cheese sandwich again...

Really enjoyed @tomasino 's phlog post this morning.