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Sparc IPX

Well, if I accomplish nothing else on my week of holidays, I can at least say I finally beat Undeadline on the MSX2.

As my wife watches Friends:

Mrs. IPX: You look like you want to die...

Me: Nooooo, I want THEM to die.

Mrs. IPX is watching Friends on Netflix. I can't watch this show without cringing...

Last workday before holidays!

Beer vendor is carrying my favourite brew once again!

My beloved, let us never part again...

... Grey Wolves in my GPU, non-neutral backbone is the shits.

Ahh, customers...

Cust: ... yeah, but what else would you rather be doing?
Me: Frankly, I'd rather be sitting in my underwear at home, eating Rice Krispies and watching Rocket Robin Hood.
Cust: ...
Cust: ... thanks for the mental picture.

Must not be a Rocket Robin Hood fan...

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Godwin's Law has temporarily been suspended:

"By all means, compare these shitheads to Nazis. Again and again. I'm with you."

-Mike Godwin on Twitter

After a rough day of serving capitalism and digesting what's happening with our neighbours to the south, it's good to come home to this trio of Genesis bootlegs/fan reproductions.

Want to play a fun game? Do a search and replace on a news article about migrants, replacing the word "migrants" with the word "people".

Then re-read it.

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imma go ahead and say it's a privileged position to be able complain about people posting on masto about children being ripped away from their fucking families

Anyone know where I can hide from the telescreens?

Nice to know my coworkers are watching my back while I'm watching theirs!

Having a pint in my Irish granny's honour. She passed three weeks ago at age 90. The memorial service was today. God rest ye, Granny!

I haven't been feeling as invincible lately. I really should drag Juggernaut out of the bike garage and start bombing around again...

Well, I've gone from haggling over a Motobecane fixie to scoping out a Motobecane Mobylette moped instead. My wife is gonna kill me...

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Well, that failed miserably... my attempt to encourage someone to "be the change they want to see" turned into a "be careful what you wish for" problem... Sorry pal!

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a while back I found the most satisfying use ever of my legendary resting bitchface. BEHOLD:

dude: soooo hey, that guy over there. boyfriend or husband?

me: client. I'm his bodyguard

my friends, this guy backed off SO FAST