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Let's play a game, to help some of the newcomers make connections: name subjects and topics that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same.

25 more minutes until holidays. Nine glorious days of family, beer, and Game Gear!

Three more hours until my week of holidays begins...

"Animal Boy" is probably my least favourite Ramones album.

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Mrs. IPX and I are watching Judge Judy and weeping for the human race.

Just got back from our daughter's first Christmas concert. Our little ham stole the show during the Kindergarteners' set!

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I know this isn't a groundbreaking take, but dang I can't believe reading people's tweets on camera counts as NEWS

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This is why pure dystopian fiction doesnt' work anymore:

"Harvard is using its $39 billion endowment to snap up massive amounts of rights to aquifers all over California, making a dark bet on water scarcity to profit off forthcoming mega-droughts"

Some of the efficiencies being considered are ending our coffee service and discontinuing free internet for employees. My boss and I joked about going back to the old days of the early 2000s where he'd buy a can of Folgers or Hills Bros every week... but figured that might be too extravagant for our VP. We'll all be drinking No-Name brand instant coffee instead!

During a conversation about the company's future at our bi-annual sales meeting in Mexico earlier this year, I drunkenly joked with our VP of Operations that if he ever, EVER hired an "Efficiency Expert" and sent them to each branch, I'd leave the company.

Got the word today that he opted not to hire one. He's doing it himself.

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I moved EVERYTHING out of my lab to look for my laptop's power adapter, piling it all on (and around) our downstairs freezer. After an hour of searching, it was nowhere to be found.

I moved everything back and, just as I'm getting ready to head upstairs, something twigged in my memory... didn't something fall behind the freezer three weeks ago when last in the lab?

Sure enough, the power adapter was behind the bloody freezer the whole time.


It's been two or three weeks now, and I STILL can't find the power adapter for my Windows laptop. It wouldn't bother me much ordinarily (I avoid using Windows when possible), but I really need to reprogram my Bearcat scanner and all my custom frequency files are on the laptop.

Sweet Jabba the Hutt! My cohort Slam discovered our local library branch has a 3D Printer onsite for anyone's use! This bears looking into...

I've just used the words "Woodburning Kit" and "cool" in the same sentence. How far have I fallen?!

Is it wrong that I only watch Antiques Roadshow for the Schadenfreude and sexual tension?

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AROS continues to make impressive progress.

Icaros Desktop: Icaros Desktop 2.2.4 now available for download

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