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Want to play a fun game? Do a search and replace on a news article about migrants, replacing the word "migrants" with the word "people".

Then re-read it.

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Let's play a game, to help some of the newcomers make connections: name subjects and topics that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same.

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A friend and former coworker brought me a "cycling" calendar featuring scantily clad women posed on/around bicycles.

You know you've changed as a person when you wish they'd get out of the way so you can see the bikes better...

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Is there a zine that's like, prepping but for collectivists? As in "when the 18-wheelers stop coming, here's what to do." How to grow food in soil you can't test, how to make abandoned buildings livable, how to maintain and create organization with your neighbors, food preservation, medicine, etc

Something you can stash in a drawer for just-in-case, to keep your neighbors alive in case of collapse. I'd definitely buy one

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Cops open the hood of their car like this to block dash cams. This is a signal to start filming.

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"If two men in a world of more than 7 billion people can provide €300million to restore Notre Dame, within six hours, then there is enough money in the world to feed every mouth, shelter every family and educate every child. The failure to do so is a matter of will, and a matter of system."

Of course I'd get called into an important business meeting on the day I wore my C4SS shirt to work...

It broke my heart, but I passed up an Atari 800XL a local acquaintance was selling. I may need to drastically downsize my computer lab for reasons I'll explain soon.

Just played through Manhunter: New York on PC. Original floppies still work. I've forgotten how great this game was (apart from the shitty arcade sequences).

If my bike ride and family stuff end early enough, I may run through Manhunter: San Francisco tomorrow.

Success! Warmer temperatures (5Β°C) thawed out the lock to my bike shed, and I have retrieved my Peugeot NS. Time to straighten the rear dropouts and FINALLY finish rebuilding it!

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You know that the Linux Foundation is just another industry lobby front when even Volkswagen joins in...

Well, I'm back online for a few days. We've had a bit of a cold snap, and the lock to my bike shed is seized. No luck with Lock De-icer, WD40, or 3-in1 oil. Hammer didn't work, and torquing lockpick snapped.

Taking a hiatus from the online world. See you in the Autumn.

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I don't see anyone talking about that anymore, but Chelsea Manning is still in solitary confinement. It's been more than two weeks now.


NOW I rememember why I don't play my Wonderswan too often... if you bump the cartridge while playing or turning the unit off, it'll erase your saved games. Two days worth of work playing Mono-Eye Gundams down the drain.

I was walking into the breakroom to fill up on coffee before starting work, when I stumbled into a conversation between the warehouse guys.

Coworker: Hey Sparc IPX, what's the dumbest you've ever felt?

Me: (thinking) When it took me twenty years to realize that the central riff in Anthrax's song "I'm the Man" is really "Hava Nagila".

Seriously. It took twenty years.

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Chelsea Manning is back in jail.


For speaking truth to power.


Please support her.

One easy way is to get this benefit album.

It features awesome artists who you like.

If you can't donate, retweet.

Okay thanks.

Over a decade ago, I pulled off a hoax where I convinced a number of people that Disney had acquired the rights to the Bible.

After today's news, suddenly the idea doesn't sound impossible anymore. Moses will be wearing mouse ears someday...

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