Anyone using Haiku as their daily driver?

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I know @mmu_man is an Haiku programmer, but I am not entirely sure he uses it as his daily driver.

(Also, note to self: try to install Haiku on a VM)

@ParadeGrotesque @spacedmonkey2 not really, unlike @pulkomandy
I used BeOS as my main OS for like 10 years, now I mostly use Debian, also because my T510 wasn't well supported (nvidia I'm looking at you 👀).

@mmu_man @ParadeGrotesque @spacedmonkey2
Yes, I do but I still have another machine with another OS where I offload a lot of things still. Currently need help with:
- Improving the Renga XMPP client enough that I can stop using Gajim,
- improving the WebPositive browser to get better performance and more accurate youtube playback
On the browser side I am now convinced that the "native everything" approach isn't the best for now…

@mmu_man @ParadeGrotesque @spacedmonkey2
…and we should try building it using curl, cairo and posix sockets backend, which would remove a lot of work from getting webkit2 running. Then we can see if there are performance or architectural improvements to be made by switching some of these back to native implementations. The cost of maintaining our own http code is high and we didn't really do a better job than libcurl

@mmu_man @ParadeGrotesque @spacedmonkey2
Also there are people using more Haiku than I do, mainly now thanks to ported Qt applications (still don't have Qt installed on my main machine here…)

R1 blasphemy 😩 does R1 have feature creep yet? I don't remember BeOS having Wi-Fi or a package manager. I feel like you all got mesmerized by the glass elevator.
@mmu_man @ParadeGrotesque @spacedmonkey2

@mitchconner @spacedmonkey2 @ParadeGrotesque @mmu_man
Nothing to do with the glass elevator. There was a large poll of Haiku users and developers in 2010, shortly after the release of the first alpha version, to re-think what should be in R1. Due to the optimism related to having shipped a first beta, maybe the goals set then were a bit too ambitious. Still, I wouldn't consider using Haiku if it didn't have wifi, usb and a package manager

@mitchconner @spacedmonkey2 @ParadeGrotesque @mmu_man
Also, does it matter? Do version numbers still make sense in this modern world? If so, you can use the commit revision number instead, that's currently 55000-something, making Haiku surely way more advanced than Google chrome who shipped only a hundred versions or so!

@mmu_man @pulkomandy @spacedmonkey2 @ParadeGrotesque fair I suppose. I’m someone who’s been following the project since I was in high school which was when it was still OpenBeOS. Walter 4 ever
I guess it matters from the perspective that I would like to have a physical thing on my shelf that says Haiku R1 on it
@spacedmonkey2 @ParadeGrotesque @mmu_man

@g-love @spacedmonkey2 I used to use Haiku, but not as as daily driver. I know that @tbn97 has used it as a daily driver, so he'll definitely had more input about it than I.

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