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My friend is moving in with us and it seems almost every time he enters our house, we end up with a new some new piece of tech. So he's bringing his stuff over this week, and now we have like 5 ubiquiti routers, a server rack, and an enterprise grade switch. Btw he's like college age. Lol

@coinsats @bitcoinmagazine Ah, I see. So do you not see proof of work as a environmental problem, especially if the usage of the technology grows?

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Read to help trans people (including yourself maybe!) 

Are you a trans person that either a.) doesn't have a job and wants one, or b.) does have a job but is looking for something else?

I have this great resource for you for work that has a trans only job board, community workshops, hiring events, and more! Please boost so that lots of people can have this as an option if they want it

@coinsats @bitcoinmagazine ...Seriously? FUD? Bitcoin is by far the most power-hungry crypto. Even Ethereum is moving away from Proof of Work blockchain.

@bitcoinmagazine You sound like a bot.

Also your coin is environmentally unsustainable.

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I have been doing this secular Buddhist thing for years now, and I made this graphic for someone on my Discord server and thought that maybe someone here could use it too.

When people say, "healing is not linear," the unalome is the image I use to remember that. It's about Enlightenment™️ but applies more broadly, I think.

Near the bottom of the unalome, you begin. You run yourself in circles a bit, and your initial escape from that circling is actually a step DOWN. It is from there that you start climbing back up.

This isn't some "you have to hit rock bottom" shit because that's demonstrably not true. It's more like cleaning your house, and having to slog through the early stage where it actually feels messier than when you started.

You don't go straight up, though. You loop around and double back, but even when you are currently moving downward, you are still moving FORWARD.

It's only after you have looped around a bunch that you can turn your forward motion into consistent UPWARD motion.

Lots of these steps fucking suck, but in my experience you can't skip them. The fact that they suck does NOT mean you are somehow failing at personal growth or healing. It just means they feel shitty. Not all shitty feelings are a failure.

#buddhism #buddhist #DharmaPractice #zen

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Behold this fuckin rose! Pretty sure I got this at a grocery store and LOOK at it


fascist usa pol 

@chumii @foxhkron Basically the supreme court ruled that married folks half the right to use contraception. Cus for some stupid ass reason that was up to debate before? So basically it would be up to the states. I can't imagine too many of them banning it.
But the same-sex marriage... Who knows. Some states are run by awful people.

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@mxclick What the hell man, that's unbelievable. Just insane.

@mike @zudlig Interesting point. We aren't aware of a lot of the work our intelligence does for us. Good point. I wonder what a good definition for general intelligence would be? The ability to learn and solve a variety of problems, make inferences, and be creative? frustrates me so much. Go visit it and take a look. It's like they don't want anyone to understand what the heck's going on.

@pizzapal It's very, very imperative. It's designed to perform menial tasks automatically, like logging into a service and downloading files. We often have to use OCR and other tools like that. It's interesting.

@zudlig @mike There is an AI that learned to control a robotic arm to do physical tasks, describe pictures using text, generate images, play chess, chat with a human, and more. It's the closest thing we have to a general intelligence imo and it's all one transformer model doing it all.

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Stay safe. Wash your hands. Watch your distance. Wear your N95 mask. GET VACCINATED! GET BOOSTED!

“Life is not something that ‘has’ meaning – it’s something we give meaning to. You don’t ‘end up’ with a meaningful life, you create it.”

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Got a job recently! Doing process automation for healthcare. Unfortunately, it's drag and drop programming. But it's a start.

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Does any #audio person on here know of anything that replicates the old "hard disk recorder" that in the late 80s through the 90s synced with a midi time signal and allowed you to track audio with midi? I'm kinda wanting to use the #MiSTer and #mt32 #mt32pi to run an Atari with ancient Cubase and make a track in the old-school ways we used to. Boosts very much appreciated /cc @aldroid @kelbot @Openmastering

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The small file media festival is back!

deadline is June 23, which is Not a Lot of Time and also a Thursday?

I want to see this thing absolutely Full of fediverse submissions. Let's make this the weirdest festival to ever film.

@falsifian That looks amazing... The vibe is hard to describe, but... Tall, disparate skyscrapers in a near future fiction book with philosophical undertones? Idunno, something about it hits me.

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