@sjc Oh god, so pretty. Especially that first pic. Beautiful composition with the perfect subject.


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choice quote from this article that pretty much sums up everything:

"If you had to make a rat depressed, how do you think you’d go about it? ... To test your new antidepressant, you need an efficient method of making a lot of rats exhibit anhedonia — that is, making them lose interest in things they used to enjoy, like sugar.

It turns out you don’t need to traumatize them. The most reliable protocol is “chronic mild stress.” There are many methods of making the lives of experimental animals mildly but chronically miserable ... But they’re all variations on the same theme: remove all predictability and control from the animal’s life. Then take notes as they gradually lose interest in being alive."

@meena @vantablack It very much depends on where you work. It's bad in a lot of places, but there are many that are much more understanding.

@nchprgmng @TheGibson You might want to contact Ventra Health. The work is kinda meh but they're looking to bring on more people and it's fully remote.

@Nephti You sound super cool. Wellbeing is one of my highest values. I don't have too much of a choice because I have an anxiety disorder lol. But figuring out my own mind and improving my daily existence is one of my driving motivations. Helping others do that is very important to me too. You learn any new life lessons recently? Here's mine, a tentative life motto:
Question it all
Try anything
Fall into life

@kolev ni li pona mute! ante toki pi toki pona li pona tawa mi.

My Moto G7 power became so unbearably slow that I decided to put an open source OS on it. Turns out, the USB port doesn't support data or something so I can't do that. I have a feeling Amazon did that on purpose (it was advertised with Alexa built in). So my friend gave me his old phone and I did it! Here's me typing from LineageOS. Its so freakin snappy and I feel a lot better knowing almost all of apps aren't doing a bunch of shady shit. It feels like its really mine.

@tindall I would just put la at the end. “soweli li lili la"

Looks beautiful. Interesting location, its very open.

@Temmie19 toki! Why will you kill me if I use the GPL?

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Scully worries about spontaneous combustion. Mulder seeks enlightenment through spontaneous combustion.

@coinsats @bitcoinmagazine Bitcoin mining is doing an arbitrarily difficult calculation until you win the crypto lottery. If it was effortless but still ensured the Blockchain was valid, it would be just as good.

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Slaps roof of society "this baby could hold SO much bodily autonomy in it"

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Mind is a bit of a mess. Falling into old vices and stuff. First time working full-time, so that's part of it. That and interpersonal troubles are stressing me out.

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