ugh fuck i wish i had another video concept as biting as my "rainbow drones" video

or as cutting as my "covid kill the poor" video

something really pointed, y'know? to make a statement, convey a message

not just comparatively meaningless AMV's or cinematography videos

i like making videos that really have something to say

if that makes sense


i still find joy in making tv show AMV's

but like

my fave music videos to work on are the ones that really have a a specific message to get across

and ofc

music videos in general

are my fave thing to work on

bc timing edits to music is literally the thing i enjoy most about video editing

it's absolutely my favorite thing about doing it

me editing music videos

and lyricposting

is the same vibe

bc i'm taking the energy i get from hearing a song

and trying to convey it to you

sometimes with additional imagery attached

so yeah lol


i just thought of a joke idea

i could take the song "i hate work" by MDC

and go to /r/antiwork

sort by "all time top"

and just take all the best posts from the subreddit and have them go by on the screen super fast in time to the beat

but that feels uninspired

i know most of my video concepts start out as jokes

but that would just feel lazy tbh

my heart isn't in it

so i won't


but somebody just told me it actually sounds like a good idea

and that i can just use that as a starting point and branch off into other directions

so i will


it doesn't have to be all /r/antiwork posts

i can use a few good memes from there

and otherwise find images that match the lyrics

hell yeah

i will channel all my rage about my traumatic experiences working in fast food into this video


i worked in fast food

for a while, over a year

it ended right about when the pandemic started, for obvious reasons

it was hell

utter hell

it made me want to die on a daily basis

i worked seven days a week for like four months straight

because my boss fired two gay coworkers for walking out after the shift lead greeted them with a slur

and just stuck me with their workload instead of hiring more people

and that's just like, one example out of the many many fucked up things that happened to me there

fast food is just

so so so brutal

it's a goddamn nightmare

everything about it is pure torture, 110% of the time

even in my sleep, it haunted me with stressful nightmares

it seemed like for as long as i worked there the stress never ceased -- even on my off days

because i could be called in at literally any time

and sure, i didn't HAVE TO respond

but then they'd give me shit and be super mean the next time i showed up

so it was pure unrelenting suffering, that was my life for like over a year

this is a good article that explains what i mean:

choice quote from this article that pretty much sums up everything:

"If you had to make a rat depressed, how do you think you’d go about it? ... To test your new antidepressant, you need an efficient method of making a lot of rats exhibit anhedonia — that is, making them lose interest in things they used to enjoy, like sugar.

It turns out you don’t need to traumatize them. The most reliable protocol is “chronic mild stress.” There are many methods of making the lives of experimental animals mildly but chronically miserable ... But they’re all variations on the same theme: remove all predictability and control from the animal’s life. Then take notes as they gradually lose interest in being alive."

imagine being me

this person with this hella neurodivergent brain

and having to put on a happy smiley face and act all polite and friendly and subservient to literally everyone

while standing on my feet THE WHOLE TIME, constantly busy and being barked at to do shit and go faster and never once getting to stop and rest for more than a paltry ten minutes

for hours upon hours upon hours upon hours

it's soul-crushing shit

utterly inhumane

you can't show a single crack in the facade

you absolutely must smile and be friendly and not frown or have a crack in your voice for even a second

it doesn't matter if customers are throwing shit at you, or shouting you down and berating you

or if your boss is the one shouting you down and berating you

like you have to sit there and take the constant abuse from every angle WITH A SMILE for hours and it absolutely fuckin sucks

@vantablack America sounds like hell, i don't know many places where service workers are expected to be happy robots


@meena @vantablack It very much depends on where you work. It's bad in a lot of places, but there are many that are much more understanding.

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