I think it's time for a new #introduction post. Hello, I am proud to finally say my name is Unix Blue (but please call me Blue), my pronouns are She/They and I am a trans femme looking (urgently) for a role in IT, ideally infosec. I've been unemployed for over a month now for several reasons and I need to provide for my family. If you have any job leads to spare, they would be appreciated.

I also do some #gaming, a lot of #destiny2 and #witcher3 specifically as of late. I'd like to thank everyone on this awesome instance for helping me feel comfortable enough to finally come out as myself on here, especially the amazing @thegibson who has been supportive the whole way though. #hacktheplanet!

@nchprgmng @TheGibson You might want to contact Ventra Health. The work is kinda meh but they're looking to bring on more people and it's fully remote.

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