#introductions - part 2
Three of the most important lessons in #life I’ve learned:
1. Excesses are never good, it's better strive to find the right #balance
2. I'm not alone with my thoughts: there's always someone who shares them. That's also true with problems. We should strive to find those people
3. I can do anything if I REALLY want to

#selfawareness #wellbeing #dreamer #visionary


@Nephti You sound super cool. Wellbeing is one of my highest values. I don't have too much of a choice because I have an anxiety disorder lol. But figuring out my own mind and improving my daily existence is one of my driving motivations. Helping others do that is very important to me too. You learn any new life lessons recently? Here's mine, a tentative life motto:
Question it all
Try anything
Fall into life

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