@bitcoinmagazine You sound like a bot.

Also your coin is environmentally unsustainable.

@coinsats @bitcoinmagazine ...Seriously? FUD? Bitcoin is by far the most power-hungry crypto. Even Ethereum is moving away from Proof of Work blockchain.

It's been "almost here" since 2017. Proof of stake is not decentralized and neither is etherium. It's a scam.

@coinsats @bitcoinmagazine Ah, I see. So do you not see proof of work as a environmental problem, especially if the usage of the technology grows?

Bitcoin mining is conversion of physical energy to monetary energy and incentives the most efficient use of energy in the world.

I lost my longer reply probably due to toot size limits.


@coinsats @bitcoinmagazine Bitcoin mining is doing an arbitrarily difficult calculation until you win the crypto lottery. If it was effortless but still ensured the Blockchain was valid, it would be just as good.

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