There seems to be a lot of people spending a lot of money hyping up the meta verse as the next big thing. But we can all agree it’s bullshit right?

(Any sharing of this post appreciated for my sanity)

@cjc Do you mean Facebook's VR thing? Cus that's complete nonsense. The meta verse kind of already exists in the form of vrchat, though.

@soda well that and there is a lot of nonsense around NFTs being part of it. Just over heard some people talking about investing in “digital art NFTs” for the future.

@cjc Oh god more of that. That's such a joke. I think it's all for show. Anyone using NFTs are in it for the money and clout, not the art. I can't believe platforms are legitimizing it.

@soda if there is money in it. People will push it. I’m too old to pretend to be interested in this shit. I just want to live in the woods or travel instead.


@cjc Yeah, most of the people pushing NFTs are rich folks looking to make a quick buck, and the tech-folks who are anxious to hear about the new technology that's gonna "change the world." Extremely overhyped.

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