Bought a Palm IIIxe recently just for fun, and it's now unironically my main driver for notes and scheduling now. So much better than constantly getting distracted by my phone when I just want to write something down.
electronics forever.

@soda I had an original Palm back in the day. It died. I would like to get another one just for fun.

@soda something about an LCD display that does it for me. Keep the posts coming!

@cjc Me too! Screens give me dry eyes, and while I've found that breaks + blue blocking lenses helps a ton, I never have to worry about that with the PDA. It's like e-ink.

@soda the palms are really great devices. I also should have one lying around somewhere...

@soda I use my Palm (IIIx) in a similar way, for similar reasons 🙂

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