@faehnrich I don't remember word for word what I said because it was part of a casual conversation and they were the ones that brought it up. But pretty much along the lines of terrible for the environment, only good for illegal activities and speculation, it's a scam and regardless of any theoretical positives it *could* have it has had no positives in practice and tons of negatives.

To my surprise they were are actually in agreement with me :-). Turned out the girl that brought it up does stuff with sustainability and was actually curious because she didn't know much about it and asked what I thought after she knew I did computer stuff.


@kelbot @faehnrich Love hearing that. My friend's company recently had to take on new sources of finding that are pushing them to get into web3. So now NFT integration is on the table... Sigh.
Stupid adventure capitalists forcing companies into it. Not sure I could work at a company getting into that.

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