About to go for a walk this morning when I thought "I want to write stuff down", and I imagined bringing my phone, which sounds like a good way to not really enjoy a walk. This led me to impulse buying five pocket-sized top-bound ring notebooks off Amazon.


@soda excellent choice. Distraction machines don’t make for good outside times.

@cjc Agreed. That's partly why I've been really tempted to get a palm pilot off of eBay... My only issue I that I wouldn't use it for much except notes, because my phone is too good at stuff like scheduling.

Should I buy it 👀

@soda I bought the pinephone and keyboard case but honestly I find a small pad and pen much better.

@cjc Nah man I'm talking about a retro palm pilot IIIxe. I just found it for $25 bucks on eBay lol. That's a good enough price just for the nostalgia. My dad used to use one, I loved that thing.

@soda as long as there is a method to sync notes still. That said you could manually transcribe and then prune notes etc.

@cjc Yeah, I'm gonna worry about the practicality later. It's fun. I'll probably use it when I'm out and transcribe them somewhere more centralized later.

@soda I like your style 😄 I always had a thing for the psion series 5 PDAs. Had dreams of writing something to sync with my personal notes files. Haha.

@cjc I just googled that, it's adorable 😍
I'm surprised how complete the keyboard is. I think my mom used to use something similar. It had an earpiece thingy on the back that allowed her to get emails using a payphone. It was cool.

@soda crikey that’s oldschool! Haha a little before my time. Darn cool though. Simpler times.

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