These guys watch over me when I do my anonradio show 🙏


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@snowdusk__ I don't even know when you are on anymore!
I am going home tomorrow and then I will sort out anon and tilde scheds and move my 'remind' crons to both servers in germany, so I don't get lost like this again when I'm out of town.

@Gemlog awww ✌️ I'm on Sat and Sun 23:00-24:00 UTC so that's 4-5PM PDT 👍

@snowdusk__ Ahh, an hour back from what I thought. I had 0 hundred utc in mind or 5pm my time. Thanks.

@Gemlog My original timeslot! this was the IGWM timeslot for a long time before i moved to a later time 😅

@northernlights those are actually the sliding doors for my closet. I think they are just wallpaper 🤪 This house is kind of old

@northernlights oh i just checked. Not wallpaper. They are actual varnished wood 😅

@snowdusk__ Yeah idk if ours was real wood lol I doubt it, given everything. It was definitely an 80s fashion at the time of when they got the place though haha

@northernlights @snowdusk__ I mean idk, could have been really I guess. My mom had it taken off at one point though haha, had the place redone to look more up to date and a little “nicer” or whatever

@snowdusk__ Oh it’s wallpaper lol. When I was a kid our house (really a double-wide trailer, but also really a house lol) had wood panelling like maybe a third of the way up the wall or so in the main areas. It was in fashion at the time I guess lol

@northernlights I think this style is typical of houses in the late 70s and 80s? This house was built in the late 70s. I don't like this style but I'm not getting too comfy here because I'm pretty sure I will be moving again in about 2 years LOL 🤪

@snowdusk__ No soup for you! :D That's awesome, where did you get the soup nazi?

@ice303 HAHAHA U got it!! 😂 he was my favourite occasional character on Seinfeld. My brother gave it to me aa a birthday present years ago haha

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