if you missed the intergalactic wasabi mix on earlier you can still listen to the audio from the archives! 🎢 here's the playlist with the link to the audio πŸ‘‰ πŸ“‘ @jebug29 πŸ˜‚πŸ’¦ pls tune in again next Sat 23:00-00:00+1 UTC (6-7PM EST)! ✌️☘️

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@snowdusk_ Sorry I missed it snowdusk. Sweet picture of K-1... have some in return:

DJ K-1
Direct Beat

@cev so cool! listening to it now. I want this record! I also played DJ Di'Jital last nite. These guys are awesome πŸ‘πŸ‘ do you have this record??

@snowdusk_ I have it on a compilation. Kombination Phunk, collected by The Advent:

DJ Di'Jital is also awesome. Classic Direct Beat stuff. Look into Aux 88 if you haven't already. Especially their first album, "Is It Man Or Machine?"

@cev I like Aux88 they are awesome. You know everytime I buy an album from iTunes I always check Discogs first thanks to you haha because one time I bought an album from iTunes, really awesome compilation and then i realized it was already a mix! i was so mad. I checked discogs and it says right there "Mixed". iTunes did not say it. I returned it to iTunes. Thank God you can return stuff on itunes. Discogs site is extremely helpful πŸ‘

@snowdusk_ Haha, yeah, it does. Sadly those are the only dopplereffekt tracks I have on vinyl. But! They're very good tracks. to have. And the mastering, the pressing, is very good.

@cev damn the album is not on iTunes Store πŸ’£πŸ’₯ haha

@snowdusk_ "Is It Man Or Machine" isn't on iTunes store? dang.

I was thinking about doubling down on my recommendation. It's possibly the best detroit electro album of all time. Techno bass, you know. It really is that good. Look it up on youtube, I think there's a full album video of it.

@cev no... The Advent is not 😞 and neither is Is it Man or Machine... too bad. I think I told you I really want this record or even a legit digital copy. I can't find it in any online music store

@cev actually iTunes has it but it's not this original version. Pulselocker had it. I'm beginning to wonder where Pulselocker was getting its collection

@snowdusk_ Oh right, Electric Kingdom. I have a repress of it. In fact I might have two, let me check...

I'll dig into my collection later. I think I have two copies of a later repress of Electric Kingdom. I'm certain I don't have the "Kingdom" mix, however. The copy (copies) I own have the vocal and instrumental, and that's it. If it turns out I own two of the same, I'd be happy to send you a copy.

@cev that's too kind of you but no, don't worry. I've heard the one with the vocals i don't like it very much ahaha i like the Kingdom Version. Let me make it my goal for the next few weeks haha I meant to look for it in the record stores but just did not have time to go downtown lately . Thank you though!! Keep it! πŸ‘πŸ‘

@snowdusk_ Alright, can-do. I found my copies, I have 2x of this:

I'm bad at shipping things, and I've been drinking (heh), but the offer stands.

@cev haha 🍺🍺🍺 that record says country: "Canada"... so it was made here?! then it shld be easier to find it!

@cev you should post your DJ setup with your vinyl collection. i would love to see it again. I think you posted it once before

@cev wow! so πŸ†’β€ΌοΈ DJ cev's secret lair!🎢

@snowdusk_ Hah, well, not so secret. I have a modest amount of records, a couple of books, and I sit on the floor. Also my lights are apparently all yellow.

@cev yellow lights are the best! I like yellow. White is too bright I don' like it. Christmas lights are a nice touch too hehehe

@cev your station is so neat actually. I've experimented DJing on physical medias other than CDs on aNONradio before -- vinyls + CDs + digital, and MDs + CDs + digital + vinyls -- there's always one end result: it was always a mess after the show LOL i'm a lazy DJ so i think i'm going to stick with mp3s/m4a's LOL πŸ˜‚πŸ’¦

@snowdusk_ Noooooooo@! If you're gonna do that, get turntables!

@cev LOL maybe you can change your lights like this LOL I can't DJ without them πŸ’£πŸ’₯ i'm such a loser 😝

@snowdusk_ Oh no, no no no. I turn off all my lights when I DJ. It has to be dark.

That's why my timeslot is so late.

@cev LOL i was just j/k. I can't see you djing with those flashing lights you are such a serious DJ πŸ˜‚ such a pro ✌️thank goodness I'm not suffering from epilepsy yet (knock on wood) LOL

@snowdusk_ @cev man your set up. I just got a single turntable.

@notptr thanks!✌️ you can DJ with anything... even with just one turntable! Hack it! 😝😝

@notptr @snowdusk_ I also only have a single turntable.

Funny story. When I bought my (one) turntable, I sheepishly mentioned I planned to buy a second in the near future. The clerk ringing up my order said: "why? I only have one.". This was a clerk at one of the most prestigious, or significant, stores in Portland. So I never bought a second turntable.

I do wish I had a second, but, well, he didn't have one, and he was _hardcore_, so....

@cev @notptr I also have one turntable and it's belt driven! I really want 2 proper DJ turntables but I can't afford them. I sometimes think I sell my 2 CDJs and my DJ controller for 2 turntables but then what's the point when everything is going digital and it's so much easier to get digital audio files nowadays πŸ’£πŸ’₯

@snowdusk_ @cev mine is a cheap usb powered turntable, but sending it though my sounds system it sounds great.

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