Thank you to all the awesome ppl who tuned in to the intergalactic wasabi mix on earlier, and for chatting with me and other listeners on 'com' and IRC! πŸ’»πŸŽΆ I had a great time. Here's the playlist with link to the audio file from the archives! See you again later tonite at 23:00 UTC! ✌️☘️

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@notptr I do have laser samples in my hard drive but i have not saved them in those sample pads yet since I changed computers! I actually forgot I have them LOL πŸ˜‚πŸ’¦ I don't actually use samples but thank you for reminding me maybe one day i will use them haha

@snowdusk_ Woooah so many CD's! Your setup is way past cool B)

@jebug29 thank you so much! Yes I treasure these CDs. I still collect them actually. Thank you to Columbia House and BMG Music Club LOL you prolly wouldn't know what these are because you were not born yet 😜😜

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