Thank you so much to all the beautiful folks who tuned in to my aNONradio show!!! We reached 37 live listeners!!! 🍀✨ thank u to all who were on chat during the live show! Awesome 80s music information exchange there!!! I learned so many really cool 80s artists/bands!!

i can confidently say that my favourite new old band tonite was FORUM from the former Soviet Union!!! Thank u to @tbn97 for introducing me to this awesome band!!

we need more iron curtain music!!!🤪🤪

@snowdusk_ I fell in love with Форум the moment I discovered them. Thanks for playing them Snowy! You were once again on fire for the whole set <3

@tbn97 U R very welcome!!! 👍 I love their minimal synth sound! ... and the lead vocal looks... er... very, regular-looking 🤪👍 nothing wrong with that of course 🤡 He reminds me of our IT guy Aleksei from this company i worked for before haha

@snowdusk_ <secret> I actually have a little crush on him... </secret>. There is something about his "just rolled out of bed in 1987" look, and self aware performance to camera...

@tbn97 haha... i think everyone at that time pretty much looked the same inside or outside of the Iron Curtain LOL i need to stop using that term because that is HISTORY! 🔥 In the 80s most of us in the "west" did not really hear a lot of music (well, pretty much any media???) from the USSR and her "satellite" nations... well, myself anyway haha and this is why i was so fascinated by stuff coming out of "The Iron Curtain" 🤪 I want MINISTRY OF CULTURE show to come back on anonradio!

@snowdusk_ I dunno. I think my hair and threads were cooler, but that might have been a bit much for the USSR. I think "Iron Curtain" is bang-on appropriate in context - we are talking about the Cold War era 😜
We had a sketch show - "Fast Forward" that used to hang crap on Russia (as one of their segments) just around the time of the USSR's collapse - not very PC but extremely funny at the time:

@tbn97 in 1987 my hair was pretty much like the vocal dood and wearing oversized t-shirt with one of the popular 80s icons on it like Fido Dido, Ziggy, Madonna LOL ..... acid washed jeans ... ugh... Swatch Watch or Robo Watch and a pair of white "Tretorn" (i did not use those shoes given to me as bday present so much because i quickly outgrew them.. i was pretty much still growing up then LOL what a waste... they were really popular then)... oh 80s LOL

@snowdusk_ PS - I remember shopping for Jeans and insisting on acid wash to my Mother's disgust. I now understand her objections, but at the time...

@tbn97 OH BTW have you heard of this band called Magazin from the former Yugoslavia?? I've played this song many times on my show hahah because it's so cute... also because i rlly like the sound of CASIO VL-TONES LOL

@snowdusk_ HA HA! Awesome! Did not know them - now more to explore! OMG - I have a little 80s Casio keyboard that makes those sleepy rhythms! That is one parallel universe nostalgia hit!

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