@snowdusk_ Adding moral support it looks like.

I always like it when VLC pylon wears a santa cap.

@xmanmonk @snowdusk_ I wish they did other ones sometimes. Don’t they have a Halloween pumpkin though?

@xmanmonk @snowdusk_ What if the pylon had a carved face like a jack o’lantern? That would be cute. I bet someone has a mod for this..l

@xmanmonk @Shufei is that a santa cap? yeah, i was wondereing what that is tbh. I see it on VLC but I have no idea what it is... i have neveer seen a pylon like that ever IRL LOL

@xmanmonk @Shufei oh yes of course i remember!!

it still does not answer wheere i ccan find pylons like this in the world LOL

maybe iceland? they all have the coolest stuff in iceland @tomasino 🤡👍👍👍👍

@snowdusk_ @xmanmonk @tomasino Ontario’s pylons are a bit peculiar, I recall. These pylons you can find in the USA. I used them often for conservation work.

@Shufei @xmanmonk @tomasino yeah we are used to the boring monochromatic pylons...usually orange

@Shufei @snowdusk_ @tomasino I used to have one of these pylons in my room as a kid. I think my mother stole it and used it as a door stop.

@snowdusk_ @Shufei @tomasino She also stole a battery to one of the blinky lights for traffic once. Mom taught us some bad habits :)

@snowdusk_ @xmanmonk They used to be more typical in USA, I reckon. I seen them in EU. They are fun because you can use them to make a bullhorn.


Providing the codec that makes those wavy-ass keyboards actually audible

@thraeryn yeah those wavy-ass keyboards are something... they're a mystery

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