yo fediverse, who's got a pirate radio station streaming online? i'm making a #FediRadio playlist for use in VLC.

so far:
vantaradio wolfgirl.engineering:8000/vant (@vantablack)
aNONradio anonradio.net:8000/anonradio (@snowdusk_)

pls boost!

#TootRadio #PouetRadio #NowPlaying #radio 🐘


@nev @vantablack btw add CIUT89.5FM (University of Toronto community radio) here is their stream address:

every tuesday night (midnight... technically Wed) my friend Mark Tara has an LGBTQ show called "Rainbow Country"

CIUT89.5FM is probably one of the longest running university (college for our American friends) radios in canada... they are community/public funded by donation drive. It's the only (traditional) radio stn i listen to tbh 😅

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