Sesame Street, a show created for public access television to help kids from low-income families learn to read and write, is being put being a paywall which will prevent the kids who most need it from accessing it.
The past 50 seasons are also included in that so they can't be streamed anywhere else.

Fuck capitalism.

Pirate Sesame Street.


@FuchsiaShock BOOOOO! I learned my first English from Sesame Street! Such a shame. HBO SUCKS!!!!🏴‍☠️

@snowdusk_ @FuchsiaShock

A sad day indeed. Just as Reading Rainbow is also behind a paywall. Well as long as they are only doing a time delay even though I did enjoy how they made current events kid friendly. As long as there are no cross overs from HBOs other IPs. Just think kids being trained Cersei is someone to aspire too, pathologically lying power hungry narcissist ... Waiiiit a minute..

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