It's WAVES nite on the Intergalactic tonite! .... & ... I think we are going to explore the mysterious VAPORWAVE more tonite... thank you @developer for the suggestion last nite ✌️ Pls tune in from 0100-0200 UTC/6-7 PM PDT


LET US HEAR THE LOUD SCREAMS, THUNDEROUS GUITARS & the unforgiving drum of thru ORGANIZED CHAOS with DJ G.LOve @MG ... coming up nxt in 4 minutes! 0000-0100 UTC/5-6PM PDT

THANK YOU ALL FOR TUNING IN and for hangin out with us on com and IRC!! 🙏

Now it's time for OpenVoIP! Call 929-299-1269 (or ext 1088) to join the conversation! Phreakers welCOM! 😝💦

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