Good morning Fediverse!

Your Friday show line up!

All times in UTC (PDT -7).

1500-1600 Hear Now The Words w/ @publius

1930-2000 Dubious Goals Committee w/ tob

2000-2100 Something Blue w/ @hairylarry

0100-0200 Hoary Marmot's Loopy Engagement w/ Hoary Marmot @smj ** NEW SHOW!!! **

0200-0300 OpenVoIP call 929-299-1269

0300-0600 OpenMic

To tune in:


Daily show line up in pics:

@BalooUriza INDEED! It's very much alive in the Internet's 'basement'! 👍👍😝

@snowdusk_ Actually inspired me to make a smaller version mostly consisting of northwestern furries that existed from about 1999 to 2011 before it became a bitch and a half to self host at home.

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