@snowdusk_ You got me listening to this thanks to the last song that played before OpenVOIP. 😁


@claudiom hahahaa thank u too!!!! oh is that the Der Kommissar by Falco??

@snowdusk_ Nope, it was the Japanese song that played out IGWM. 😄

@snowdusk_ Here's a better version of it. Apparently, it's from an 80s anime (fitting for the IGWM tonight lol).



@claudiom oh i see that's our robo DJ KUmata playing that song. Maybe this song is from an older song. Usually Kumata plays old Japanese songs... also new ones

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@snowdusk_ Ah, interesting....good to know. It's from an old manga and anime I've never heard about called Urusei Yatsura.


That particular song just caught my interest. Very lovely song. 🎶

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