Mr Trump asking to sell Greenland to the US? What is this? Is this a joke?? Is he trying to revive American Imperialism? Is it because 88% of the ppl living there are non-whites and he thinks it's OK to purchase them? This rlly angers me.

Sorry for venting 🔥

Don't forget --- Spain sold the Philippine Islands to the US for 20 million USD in the height of American Imperialism in Asia, when Spain lost in the Spanish-American War of 1898

@snowdusk_ I have been saying there would be an American Anschluss of Canada for decades. But this surprised even me.

The background of it is no doubt to stir the pot about the northwest passage. The USA want to dominate both the Bering and North Atlantic gates. Their “international waters” argument is complete and utter imperialistic rubbish, and a blatant attempt to seize maritime sovereignty from relevant nations. I don’t know why more Canadians aren’t outraged.

@snowdusk_ That is to say, given current politics in the USA, this very well might be one of those “jokes” which suddenly becomes a real thing. Like the Space Force, a blatant attempt to militarize space w/rt PRC intentions on the Moon, probably also with blatant orbital nukes. If the USA goes full(er) fascist soon, it would behoove Parliament to secure the ability to maintain less easily accommodating positions viz a viz south of the border. No doubt Nunavut will have much to do regardless.

@snowdusk_ What folks on KN would do if this “joke” became serious is beyond me... Their special status in Denmark and hence the EU is one of those ambiguous relationships like Puerto Rico which evidently has a shrugging calculus. But they have home rule, so Denmark “selling” KN to the USA is likely to be read as an obscene atavism in both nations. But what the empire wants, it gets; it is worth pondering what KN and CDN might do should the empire demand international status to the waters.

@Shufei Thank you shufei for the insights! I really think this is all impossible but I am just enraged by Mr Trump's utter disregard of the consequences of his idiotic words and actions, as a president of an "influential" nation. He is basically making everyone else in the world, esp. those "smaller" nations that suffered greatly from selfish, greedy, belittling Western Imperialists throughout the course of history.

@snowdusk_ I grok you. Though I would stress the systemic dangers murkily revealed via his inanities. I’d hazard that he was briefed on longterm US strategic ambitions to NW passage and mineral resources, then just took it in a nutty direction (as he does).

This predates Trump. Who “owns” KN de jure is not seriously relevant. Washington wants USA icebreakers patrolling, bases along the Arctic coast, and mining corps digging. And hence CA & KN sovereignty claims are an annoyance to be hammered.

@snowdusk_ I mean, ask this question: Why would Trump even be thinking about Greenland? He’s a demented pit bull. Someone threw him a bone to gnaw.

@snowdusk_ He is completely up front about being a more hateful, even less valid version of Woodrow Wilson.

What was Woodrow Wilson's motto, after all?

@snowdusk_ I think he's serious. I don't think he knows a damn thing about if it's possible or any of the side effects if he tried to do so. He got elected as a outsider who intentionally had no ties to politics, and damn if he isn't proving it right now.

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