Photos of the @SDF exhibit at the Computer Festival happening right now at the Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA ... thanks froggyme! Today's the last day so if u r in the area, why not drop by!

For more info on the event, go to:

We will try to get froggyme to dial the SDF VoIP Conference Bridge (ext. 1088) and stream the sounds coming from the venue into from 19:00-19:29 UTC & 23:00-23:59 UTC so call in or listen ✌️

on the desk is @SDF 's travelling AT&T 605 terminal with COMMODE CHAT on the screen... the terminal is connected to the SDF AT&T 3B2 server

to join the chat, simply do this on your terminal:


and log in as 'visitor'

then execute 'com' on the shell.

You can change your nick by issuing

@nick <nickname>

for more help, issue



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