I just had a really weird experience this AM.I got up at 5:30AM & wondered why I did not set the alarm. Took a shower, put on my work clothes. I started thinking how come I dont remembr what happened on Sat. I dont remember doing a sat nite show on anonradio. Checked the day on my phone.It's only Sunday!! I thght it was Monday!!OMG.My short term memory lapses r getting worse.Must be the meds Ive been taking.

Also,I was playing the bagpipe,wearing a kilt parading around a church in my dream. LOL

@yrabbit haha it was rlly weird!!! This never happened to me before.... also the bagpipe LOL I rmember how well I was playing except at the end no matter how much air I blow into the pipe no sound was coming out. I rmember an old man with Scottish accent telling me something but I cldnt understand. I thght to myself wow, I cld be the only Asian who can play the bagpipe! oh man 😝💦

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