okay ... i'm giving in to the technological overlords.. trying out zsh 💣💥

@snowdusk_ I was going to ask if there was anything wrong with your current shell that you wanted to change, but now this makes sense.

@dokuja the Apple lords want us slaves to switch to zsh.. eventually... otherwise we get that annoying note everytime we open a shell that's not zsh 🤪

@snowdusk_ do you still get it if you open it as zsh and run bash as your first command?

@dokuja i just switched to zsh..the message does not come up anymore 😅 but now i need to configure .zshrc so my programs start running again from the shell ... i guess i cn just copy and paste stuff from my bash_profile LOL

@snowdusk_ @dokuja Ah, Apple's usual "be user-friendly our way, or you will be assimilated" stance.

@xmanmonk @dokuja their mind control always works on me unfortunately 💥

@snowdusk_ 🙂
I have never dealt with Mac in my life, but has been my shell for a very long time. I used it on all Linux versions, and then on DragonFlyBSD😀

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