whoa! I just heard robo DJ Kumata announcing a contest for SDF's 32nd anniversary! There is a prize! So @SDF is asking what you would like to do to celebrate SDF's 32nd anniversary (and UNIX's 50th anniversary too??)... Post your responses on Mastodon and make sure you '@' @SDF !! Best response wins a prize!! 🎊🎂

@snowdusk_ @SDF
What *I* would like to do is be back home, listening to anon radio, logged into the live shows and chatting in com and irc.
That is the Best experience of

ps: chk the ssl cert. FF is whining about it here at my friend's house on his linux pc.

@gemlog @snowdusk_ @SDF Having no troubles with SSL cert for anonradio here with Firefox 67 on Kubuntu. The warning symbol on top of the lock is because some assets are not coming from sources that are HTTPS.

@trebach @snowdusk_ @SDF
Thanks. I wondered what that was - I don't use FF at home.

@gemlog @trebach @snowdusk_ @SDF I usually use Radiodroid on android to stream anonradio, but yesterday it was saying that it's broken. cmus worked though

edit: just checked and it's working now on radiodroid

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