Just a reminder: aNONradio has a new show called "MixRemix" w/ DJ
@hairylarry . This is hairylarry's 2nd show (the
other is "Something Blue").

MixRemix: "These shows will feature Free Culture and Creative Commons licensed
music. Great listening and a resource for creators looking for reusable songs."

MixRemix livestreams every Mon 20:00-22:00 UTC.

Something Blue livestreams
every Fri 20:00-21:00 UTC.

Check the aNONradio archives to sample hairylarry's past shows!

@gemlog @hairylarry it usually is! hairylarry is usually on com to chat during his show

@snowdusk_ @gemlog

I do my best. I've been better at being on com than I have at being on Mastodon. Working on a new project, Gamer+.

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