just a bit of shameless promo in case we do get our plans for a karaoke marathon on aNONradio OpenMic/fundraiser? underway... maybe😝 haha

... so I was asked by the school band in this school i was working at in Japan to perform NEWS' "Koi no ABO" w/ them for their annual school band concert.. how cld I say 'no' to these adorable souls! So I nervously did it 😅

televised all over the city btw LOL 💣💥

Special thx to @greg for inspiring me to post this video LOL 😅💦

@snowdusk_ it is a great idea. maybe i would keep up with SDF's loose anime theme and do 好き好き大好き..

@greg RIGHT!!! YESSS! LET'S 好き好き大好き!!!!よ! LOL

@snowdusk_ @greg
Wow! Snowy!
It's not that you can simply hit all the notes. You are a good an expressive singer.
I had no idea.
That was excellent.

@gemlog THANK YOU! You are too kind! I was very nervous but I did it! haha

@snowdusk_ You are very good at it. I'm not just stroking you. Seriously good.

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