Please support our new aNONradio DJ iiogama @iiogama by tuning in to his show "Dally Shows" livestreaming in less than 10 minutes!! 18:00-19:00 UTC (10-11AM PST)

Here's how to tune in --

@snowdusk_, I did get disconnected for some reason. I'll have to try to prevent that next time.

@iiogama no problem!

Thank you for the hard work!!! 👍👍👍

@iiogama Kumata is playing now... unless your show is over?

@snowdusk_ @iiogama How anyway to listen to anonradio on the cli, on mocp for instance?

@gef @iiogama you can use mplayer... install it if u dont have it....then run this on your shell --> mplayer

try it

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