"SDF is seeking reliable and DJs to have their own show on Do you wanna do it? send 'subscribe anonradio-l' in a message to and tell us about your ALL GENRES WELCOME" (STOLEN FROM @SDF 's birbsite 🤭🤭🤭💦 🐦🔥)

@snowdusk_ @SDF I've been contemplating about giving it a go for a while now, but I feel I need some practice first.

I kinda like Mixxx, but it's a bit overwhelming. I need to try and find a decent tutorial. :)

@nikola @SDF This is awesome Nikola!! 👍 Just let us know in the anonradio mailing list once you are ready to join us! ✌️

@nikola @SDF Don't forget that you can always send an email to the anonradio mailing list if you have any questions... a lot of our DJs use Mixxx 👍 and you can practise livestreaming with it on OpenMic everyday 0300-0500 UTC/GMT

@snowdusk_ @SDF I was contemplating about the open mic, but 0300 UTC is way too early in CET, I'm afraid. :) Might need to figure something out, though! Thanks for the info! :)

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