@snowdusk @SDF 22:00 still open on the 15th? I had sent an email asking for slots but never got a response as they filled up. :-(

@g-love hey G.Love that's my fault I could've missed it! I will add it right now! sorry 🙏 @SDF

@snowdusk @SDF no worries just seen updated list. Flip me anytime. One for 15 and one on 16 I'll do chaos and the zoo :-)

@g-love sorry G.love the 2200 on the 15th is already taken by @peef I just realized, maybe your email did not get through the mailing list? I don't see it anywhere. And ffog would not have picked that slot if you already asked for it 😞 are you able to pick another free slot from the list?


@snowdusk @peef @SDF LoL how about 15:00 on both days since they are two totally different shows?
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