I’m very proud of my accomplishment yesterday —- so I really wanted to have more working space on my 2 desks without adding another desk in my tiny bedroom… my DJ equipment can take a bit of the needed space on the desks and so I came up with a plan to stick my 2 CD shelves together back to back and then put the DJ equipment on top of them. The shelves are pretty sturdy. I just have to remember not to get too carried away when I’m djing lol 🕺🎶

@snowdusk beautiful setup herr snowy, fellow ventolin inhaler. I look upon your DJ equipment and drool both respectfully and desirously. X💽💿🎛🎚🎵🎶

@tbn97 aww thank you! 🙏oh dear my inhaler is on the photo!! LOL you’ve got very good eyes lol 😂 actually I dont really use it but my doctor prescribed it to me when I was having breathing problem due to over stress. I dont have asthma or any other respiratory problem thank goth 😅

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