So in the past few weeks I had been listing, delisting then relisting, listing again, delisting again… old computers etc that I have not been using (well using but for fun and entertainment lol)… and the same loop went on and on maybe about 5 times (I’m not kidding). Even put my bike on sale —- I have also just delisted it LOL I had the same purging spree the last time I moved a few years ago but that one I somehow succeeded giving up my priceless (but old and maybe useless) tech [1]

@snowdusk That old iSight camera though, wow, I haven't seen that in forever

@dressupgeekout yeah this was before iSight became built-in to iMacs and MacBook/Pros!! Lol and it has a really wicked magnet! I can stick it pretty much anywhere around the monitor lol 640p FTW lol the grainy video has its own special aesthetics 😆

@snowdusk @dressupgeekout I’ve seen a photo of Steve Jobs with this camera, very impressive.


@ldbeth @dressupgeekout yeah! What was it? 2004 when this came out? At the time it was the best webcam! Also the design is just stunning even to this day I love it!

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