@sungo i totally feel you. I have experienced the same regret after every move+purging spree in fact some of the ones I have given up are selling on eBay are now ridiculous overpriced and jn my mind hey that was kind of like garbage to non geeky ppl at the time I had it!!! LOL oh well.. but yeah i think a lot of vintage stuff on ebay r rly ridiculously priced (u cant even connect them to the internet w/out sacrificing ur security!! LOL). The ones i purged i usually just gave away

@snowdusk @sungo That's exactly the point! I too have collected and then - because of travel, relocations, zen philosophy (so to speak), guilty feelings - purged, thrown away, sold so much stuff that today I deeply regret.

It'd be so great to have at least some of that still around to show it to my daughter. Especially since she's such a tech nerd... :-)

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