So in the past few weeks I had been listing, delisting then relisting, listing again, delisting again… old computers etc that I have not been using (well using but for fun and entertainment lol)… and the same loop went on and on maybe about 5 times (I’m not kidding). Even put my bike on sale —- I have also just delisted it LOL I had the same purging spree the last time I moved a few years ago but that one I somehow succeeded giving up my priceless (but old and maybe useless) tech [1]

[2] so I have realized deep inside I wanted to keep them but giving them up only because my space is small and my place is grtting a bit crowded… so my solution is —- get a bigger place LOL

OMG I’m going to be a hoarder

(I have more old tech stuff scattered everywhere in my room [and entire house]… the ones in the photo are just the ones I enjoy using right now LOL)

@snowdusk I have been doing a lot of the same. Trying to bring more to the electronics recycle trailer then I take away.

@adamd haha like-minded people stick together LOL welcome to the club (or SDF community) hahaha we just can't give up on our old tech!! 😝

@snowdusk I recently read a quote that said: "Collect is an irregular verb. I collect, you hoard."

We're here for you. It's not hoarding if you need it, and YOU NEED IT.

@elb aah that’s a really good way of validating my dilemma lol 😂. Thank you. YEAH this is not hoarding! It’s really collecting! (And I do use them maybe not everyday tho but still use!) 😅

@snowdusk I've done big purges every time I've moved and regretted it every time, much later. I have a house now big enough to let me hoard tech and the struggle is real. Doesn't help that the boxes of misc cables and parts have saved me serious money over the years. How can I throw it away now?

@sungo i totally feel you. I have experienced the same regret after every move+purging spree in fact some of the ones I have given up are selling on eBay are now ridiculous overpriced and jn my mind hey that was kind of like garbage to non geeky ppl at the time I had it!!! LOL oh well.. but yeah i think a lot of vintage stuff on ebay r rly ridiculously priced (u cant even connect them to the internet w/out sacrificing ur security!! LOL). The ones i purged i usually just gave away

@snowdusk @sungo That's exactly the point! I too have collected and then - because of travel, relocations, zen philosophy (so to speak), guilty feelings - purged, thrown away, sold so much stuff that today I deeply regret.

It'd be so great to have at least some of that still around to show it to my daughter. Especially since she's such a tech nerd... :-)

@snowdusk my give-aways I have less regret about. I found that stuff good homes, many of which on fedi where I can watch them turn into fun projects or wherever.

Look, my dear @snowdusk "hoarding" means that you're unable to throw away stuff that needs to go. You otoh have got so much cool vintage tec stuff that'd be a pity to throw in the garbage. So the point is not to get rid of it (let alone feel guilty for not doing so), but to find a way of storing it that you'll feel comfortable with.

Put up an online museum, blog a little more about it, find sponsors via patron - might that sound like a plan?

@jack wow!! That is one very sweet plan!! Thank you! And yes, someone here actually just pointed out to me what I’m doing is not hoarding? Hoarders keep stuff that have molds, have rat poops, decomposing animals, basically totally useless stuff (i watch a lot of “Hoarders” on A&E so i rlly shld know better!!). YES IM A vintaGe stuff COLLECTOR!! (will need to repeat this many times throughout the day LOL) 😆

@snowdusk Getting a bigger place is the only solution. I have the same experience..

@jirka I AGREE 100% Lol 😂 now I just need to stop buying stuff and save up! Lol

@snowdusk This is what I am trying to do - I have ceased to buy computers and elextronics (well, mostly) but have started to collect bicycles... 😞

@snowdusk That old iSight camera though, wow, I haven't seen that in forever

@dressupgeekout yeah this was before iSight became built-in to iMacs and MacBook/Pros!! Lol and it has a really wicked magnet! I can stick it pretty much anywhere around the monitor lol 640p FTW lol the grainy video has its own special aesthetics 😆

@snowdusk @dressupgeekout I’ve seen a photo of Steve Jobs with this camera, very impressive.

@ldbeth @dressupgeekout yeah! What was it? 2004 when this came out? At the time it was the best webcam! Also the design is just stunning even to this day I love it!

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