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ken arnold of fame attended @livingcomputers last night and saw rogue-o-matic running on the VAX-11/780-5

to @twylo for achieving last place in the PDP-7 version 0 B language with a Flailing Effort 🎊💮 your prize?

So I just found out 358 ppl attended the and event last nite at the @livingcomputers Museum!! WOW BRAVO @SDF and @smj for all your hardwork!! ✨👏 and they had a great time accdg to smj!! Many notable people: mary ann horton, ken arnold, aps, clem cole, dan cross,
tywlo, wrmine and many others!


Did u know these famous peeps??

supersat won the B coding challenge on the PDP-7 CONGRATS!! 🥂✨

‪The winner of the PDP-7 B challenge is Karl Koscher @supersat with a ROTish display of cuspy code. Honorable mentions: @twylo Mary Ann Horton and Dan Cross - enjoy the and rice 🍚

Celebrate UNIX 50th and SDF 32nd at Wednesday July 10th 6pm - 9pm

SDFers can RSVP at

NonSDFers check out the Living Computers events page

‪this looks like a prize for a raffle. @usenix @ebijun @netbsd Wednesday July 10th 6pm - 9pm @livingcomputers

SDF getting filmed for a French television documentary on pre-social network communities

‪working on a funny idea for this Wednesday July 10th 6pm - 9pm SDF members please RSVP

Thank you to all who tuned in! And thank you @SDF 's @smj for calling in and for talking about the UNIX 50th Anniversary & SDF 32 anniversary event that will be happening Wed July 10 6-9pm PDT at the Living Computers Museum in
Seattle, W -- brought to you by SDF and USENIX!! For more info and to RSVP !!


UNIX hasn't changed much in 50 years - here is a B language at that you can compile/assemble on your very own PDP-7 #1969 @netbsd @gussunoyoyo @ryo_on @ebijun

It's official! I will be DJing (remotely) at @SDF 's 32nd and UNIX's 50th Anniversary party at the @livingcomputers Museum in Seattle, WA! Thank you SDF and @smj for giving me this honour! 🙇💦 ... Thank you for organizing this smj & sysadmins! 🎉

Happy B-Day, SDF.ORG!

А русскоязычному сообществу напомню, что такое SDF.ORG:

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