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Did your SDF mug cup arrive yet? Show us what you're .. and for those who still want one, yes we still have them! but they're going quickly.

Tomorrow is SDF's 32nd .. we're getting ready to lets you spin up and destroy many hysterical systems. Would you like to write some tutorials?

help celebrate SDF32 now just 9 days away. what will you do to promote SDF on its 32nd birthday?

Would you attend a free event with a cash bar (and free snacks) to help celebrate UNIX 50 and SDF 32 in on the evening of July 10th?

Scored some sweet stickers. I'll put these to good use. Danke! Postcard coming soon.

@FiLiS @romanzolotarev @mischa

MetaArray IV is coming to the Tukwila datacenter with a dual 48TB (mirrored) raid - but what host OS would you prefer for SDF?

SDF の smj さん歓迎会

開始時間は 18:30 または 19:00 を予定しています。たぶん19:00 開始になるんじゃないかなと思われますが、18:30 可能とか、19:00 でも遅れそうという方はコメント欄に記載お願いします。

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