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getting ready to on and will talk about the PDP-7 running UNIX version 0 at living computers in

do you like new mexican hatch chile peppers? check out our quest (and ultimate failure) to survey 15 mexican restaurants in Seattle to find them during last night's openvoip and openmic @Shufei @snowdusk_ has been upgraded to v1.4.1

Would you like to join SDF Toobnix? Just send an request to the membership email address


I am very sorry all... I have to cancel the show again 😭 I have to attend to something urgently.

why always at the last minute?? IDK 😭

The intergalactic wasabi will be back tomorrow on anonradio

again i am very sorry

Thabk u

Coming up next on!

Intergalactic Wasabi Mix

with @snowdusk_ (ME!)

01:00-02:00 UTC/6-7PM PDT

just right after DJ hardmous!

To tune in:


just over 10 years ago George Mattson’s giant custom visited on its way from Spanaway WA to @williampcorgan in Chicago @gordonraphael @dj2mn @smashingpumpkins

coming up at 0100 UTC is dj hoary marmot and loop engagements - an experimental live show with user interaction in on

terminal phosphor poll

amber or green?

this particular migration is taking quite a bit of time. please be patient.

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