Pls check out the tracklist for last night's Intergalactic Wasabi Mix on!

the show started off with some glitchy IDMs and then the show ended up doing a very sharp turn to ... and yes folks... Miami Bass genre did exist! I We on aNONradio embrace the old and glorify them! 🎖✨ no music is outdated for us!

here's the link to the audio from the archives:

Thank U again for tuning in and chatting with us during the live show!

@smj logged over 70 and maritime stations while in Japan operating as JJ1UYC - next trip is scheduled for March 2020 thank you for the messages

@snowdusk_ @rick_777 it’s modified with a ribbon. RA Moog sold these devices for use with the modulars and thermins he built as an alternative to the antennas


- please tune in and listen to a live selection of LIVE remixes and loopy edits streamed to you from
This is the THE SECOND of TWO special shows that the MARMOT will stream.
Make contact via JJ1UYC via

to listen click below:'s Saturday show line up is here 👇

Many have asked: no, we don’t have any Black Friday discounts nor will we have Cyber Monday offers. SDF isn’t that kind of club. :)

coming up Saturday at 0100 UTC is the final live show of dj hoary marmot from Japan 🇯🇵- this final show will be from Yokohama! See you in March 2020

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