The @SDF Amateur Radio Club’s weekly net will starting in about 45 minutes, at 00:00 UTC, 8PM Eastern, 5PM Pacific.

Please join us!

Radio amateurs can join the net using:
* Echolink: Node 9229, *TECHLINK*
* Allstar: Node 50110
* DMR: Brandmeister TG 31650

Everybody can listen in at:

And, chat with the net control operator in the #sdfarc room on

Today will be asking participants about their most memorable/interesting operating experience. And, if anyone has participated in high-altitude ballooning.

#sdfarc #sdf #amateurradio #hamradio #balloon

Image show rendering of large silver balloon above the earth, with stars in the background.

@takadabear @campfire_creation 🎊

on the desk is @SDF 's travelling AT&T 605 terminal with COMMODE CHAT on the screen... the terminal is connected to the SDF AT&T 3B2 server

to join the chat, simply do this on your terminal:


and log in as 'visitor'

then execute 'com' on the shell.

You can change your nick by issuing

@nick <nickname>

for more help, issue



froggyme 🐸 will give a update from the exhibit floor
during highlighting favorite exhibits and interviews in 5 minutes on (link: (1900 UTC)

froggyme 🐸 is going in 10 minutes 2300 UTC @computerhistory to do a final walk through of exhibits at the Vintage Computer Festival

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