do you like new mexican hatch chile peppers? check out our quest (and ultimate failure) to survey 15 mexican restaurants in Seattle to find them during last night's openvoip and openmic @Shufei @snowdusk_

@SDF @Shufei LOL I LOVE IT!!

To listen to the audio recording for last night's OpenVoIP pls click the link below or go to the 'Archives' on our homepage:

@smj @SDF @Shufei mmmmm looks delicious

I'm not going to say what the second plate looks like LOL

@snowdusk_ @smj @SDF I will. In fact, I take it back. On second thought, it looks like a placenta.

@Shufei @smj @SDF OMG! LOL 😅💦

the possibilities are endless!!! 🤪

@snowdusk_ @Shufei @smj ahh redemption: home made, pan fried but still better than the pancreas I had at the restaurant

@smj @SDF @snowdusk_ Nice is how it tastes getting chomped into itty bitty bits.

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