@smj You are very welCOM!! 👍👍👍 I think we should go back to the original aNONradio tagline---

"Music for the Unusual. Different music for different people."


Hoary Marmot just exemplified it. Plus a lot of the stuff we play crosses the border of the "obscure" 🤪

@smj @snowdusk_
Sorry I missed the original broadcast. I just finished listening to the memorex. It was enjoyable! This was what went through my head while I listened:

"A soundtrack for traversing the layers of a corroding subconscious by a team of extractors that consists of Tetsuo the Iron Man, Max Headroom, The Man From Another Place, the Tri-Lambs and led by a hoary marmot driving a C= 1571-powered DeLorean of Death."

Hope I can make the next broadcast fo'reals instead of fo'play.

@smj @snowdusk_
It was indeed a great return to aNONradio and I was lucky enough to be online to hear it live. I’m looking forward to more! 👍 🎵

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